How to Choose a Commercial Builder

By | February 14, 2018

When it comes to building and constructions, there are different builders for each project. For example, when it comes to building a home, you will need to hire a home builder. However, if you are constructing a commercial building like a hospital, warehouse, hotel, a mall, a housing apartment etc., you need to hire the best commercial builder Adelaide.

A home builder cannot handle such massive project since they are used to small projects. Therefore, planning and managing such a project can be a problem to them. Now, when hiring a commercial contractor, you should know that there are dozens of them in Adelaide and so doing your research to find the best is not an option. Unless you had worked with a commercial builder before whom you loved his/her work, you need to research to find a reliable builder.

What should I look for when hiring a commercial builder? It is a common question among the first time investors who are building their first commercial building. Well, there are numerous things to consider as it explained in this article.

Contractor Bid

Since there are many commercial builders out there, you can get a few recommendations or do your research to get a list of about three commercial contractors. From the list, let them know more about your project. Once the builder has reviewed your proposed project, they will draw a list of plans and also the estimated cost referred to as a ‘bid’. In a bid, ensure that the proposal is as detailed as possible and note what is included and excluded in the bid. Also, ensure that all the bids adhere to the same scope for comparison purpose. From the several bids, then you can be able to settle for one contractor.


Having a licensed commercial builder is very important. Since there are many business contractors out there, you can shortlist them easily by checking on their license. A license shows that a builder has met the minimum standards to offer building services. Therefore, with a licensed builder, you can rest assured knowing you are working with a registered builder. Insurances are also very important. We all know that building work especially commercial construction involves a lot of risks. The risks range from personal injuries, damage to properties, etc. Therefore, with an insured commercial contractor, you can relax knowing in case of any injuries or damages, the insurance company can cover that, and you are not liable for anything.


Although often ignored, excellent communication with your Commercial Builder Adelaide is very important. It is the person who will turn your dreams into reality and so he/she should understand all your requirements regarding both design and budget. Therefore, before hiring a commercial contractor, be sure they can communicate effectively both orally and written communication. This way, you will be sure you’re understanding each other, and there will be no mistakes due to miscommunication. By checking on these few tips, you will be on your way to locating a reliable commercial contractor for your project.